About Us

is a brand focused on self-care and self-love.


I waxed and waned. What would I name these layers of my experience that would now be available to anyone besides myself? Resistance. Difficulty wrapped in doubt. But a constant knowing that this collection truly spoke to me and would ultimately represent the brand that...Afterall, chose me.


My focus became introspective- THAT feeling produced every time my body was caressed with this body butter. Texture. Fragrance. My vibration during, and the gift of what lingered after application. The whole experience.…


As per usual, whilst overthinking at dawn, I had an epiphany...


Luxe - the luxurious whipped texture of the butter; 


Bliss - the mental state that occurs when the aroma and texture ignite your senses;


Love - an expression of Self-LOVE (LOVE) when pampering your body (or a loved one's) in the body butter.


Luxe+Bliss+Love. More than a product...It is my offering to the universe. A vibration. My dreams drizzled in healing.


Like lyrics and melodies combined...A full experience!