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With Christmas being our favorite time of the year...we had to create a candle for it! 

Merry Me includes notes of Fir Balsam, Juniper, Pine Wood, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Green Apple, Lemon Peel and Peach.

This bundle includes:

 - 1 12oz Merry Me Candle

 - 1 4oz Merry Me Fragrance Mist


Our candles are made from a luxury coconut apricot wax blend, and burn for over 40 hours.


See some tips below for the maintenance of your wooden wick candle:

 - Ensure a full melt pool (the width of the candle) is created to avoid tunneling throughout the life of your candle;

 - It usually takes about 2 hours for a full melt pool to form;

 - Keep the wick trimmed to 1/8"; you can do this by using a candle wick trimmer or cuticle clippers;

 - Remove any ash build up before the next use, which can also change the burn/flame quality;

 - If the wick is too long, it makes it difficult for the wax to be drawn up to the end of the wick;

 - Last but not least, be patient when lighting your wick as it may take a few tries.



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