Whipped Body Butters Luxe+Bliss+Love body butters are created in small batches, blended into a silky whipped texture, which melts on contact with your skin.
Scent Notes We wanted to make sure we had an essence for everybody and every mood. Peruse our scent list to find your new favorite scent!
Coconut Apricot Soy Wax Candles Create your own vibe, and set the ambiance with one of our hand-poured, coconut apricot soy wax, crackling wooden wick candles.

Ingredient Benefits

It's always essential to know what you are feeding your skin, so here at Luxe+Bliss+Love we wanted to keep the ingredient list rather simple. 


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"I literally love it more and more everyday! ANDDDD it's so saturating, like little goes a longgggg way. You gon make millions girl! Talented AF!"


"...I love my body butter. It is so smooth, so lite, so moisturizing. I can't be happier. Thank you."


"This is body crack!!! Can't even use regular lotion anymore..."


"...When I smelled the bottles yesterday, I couldn't wait till bed time to get a shower. I used Balance Me, and it's amazing. I love it, but then the real test was sleeping with it on because smells when I'm trying to sleep usually affect my asthma. It didn't happen.!! I'm so excited. I love this. Do you sell this in buckets??'


"Omfg...Soften Me!!!!!! This is my first time using it. It smells so deliciously good on my skin."


"...I love Crave Me! It smells delicious and my skin feels so soft and moisturized!"


"So I tried Balance Me last night and OMG I love it! It's not greasy, and the smell once it dries down is everything. Like I smell goodt! I will absolutely be a returning customer."


"These scents are to die for. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer. Listen, if you want your man (or woman) all up in your grill...use this."


" I just need a subscription period! The scent is bomb! But the moisture...thank you so much."


"It's whipped to perfection, smooth, silky, light and fresh smelling."


"You about to take all my money! The texture is so smooth and silky and the scent is divine. If I put it on before bed, the scent is still there in the morning. And my skin...Sis it leaves it so soft and moisturized. I will definitely be buying again, and trying a coupe new scents too!"


"All I can say... it's the consistency for me!!!! When did I get my last batch from you? Weeks ago!! Anyway, the whip texture is still there even in all this heat!!! And the scent never fades! This is #excellence"


"Oh baby. You did something with this whipped body butter boo. I am in love!!! First of all, I smell so good. I keep sniffing my damn self. Secondly, it's light enough for me. It doesn't feel heavy. A little goes a long way. And my skin is GLOWING!"


"...I'm telling everyone about it cause it's legit the best i've used, and i'm heavy into skincare."


"Just wanna let you know I smell velllllllll...I am loving myself!"


"DIVINE!!! The small, the texture, the way my skin feels after i've applied; it's just all on point and I expected nothing less."


"I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE it! I have on Remember Me, I am obsessed with it already."


“Ooouuu child! These butters are good! I usually use basic palmers oil or baby oil because it’s light and dries fast, so I can dress without feeling icky. But this is so light, I used it and dressed immediately.”


I just want to let you know I am in love with your butters!!! They melt down and don't leave a greasy residue on your hands! I love what you have done with this product!! Thank you so much!


"Your product literally has my skin moisturized, supple, and stretch mark free during my pregnancy."